Thursday, June 02, 2005

Yes, all content of my blog has been removed.

I will be making a properly considered statement in the next day or so.

For now, the following will have to do.

I believe in Schapelle completely.

The woman is honourable and dignified beyond words.

She is peaceful.

She loves Bali.

She should and will be freed by whatever means are necessary – within Indonesia’s law or Presidential discretion.

Her own merit combined with Indonesia’s expressed commitment to justice will get her out.

The attack on the Canberra Embassy is depraved.

I am disgusted and ashamed beyond words.

The perpetrator is not welcome to call themself Australian and does not speak for Schapelle or her supporters.

All acts of violence are condemned by me and all people who truly care about Schapelle.

All words and acts that could incite violence are also condemned.

All words and acts that stand to cause hostility between Australia and Indonesia are condemned.

This includes, but is not limited to:

Calls to Boycott Bali

Calls to Break Schapelle out

Anti-Indonesian comment (expressed or implied)

Anti-Indonesian demonstrations (as above)

Threats and abuse of Indonesian Embassies or any place or person related to Indonesia

Anything that does not respect Indonesia’s sovereignty

Calls for the return of tsunami aid

And so on.

I will not have a bar of it.

Schapelle will not have a bar of it.

Its disgusting, humiliating and simply unAustralian.

I vow to support Schapelle Corby in any way I can.

I vow to work hand in hand with our neighbours, Indonesia.

We have a problem – yes. But there are solutions.

I wish for peace for all Australians and for all Indonesians.

I wish peace for Schapelle and her family.

May justice and sensibility prevail.

Please think before you speak.

Please think before you act.

Please ask yourself ‘is this action for Schapelle, or is it to relieve my feelings?’

If the action you propose to undertake is more about expressing yourself than helping Schapelle:




Not only can you do nothing to help – you could seriously destroy Schapelle’s life. HER LIFE.

Yes, you are a powerful person today.
You have someone’s life in your hands.
Use your power wisely.

If harming Schapelle would never be your intention: Proceed with caution.

You are better off saying nothing than saying or doing the wrong thing.

I will replace this blog with content once I have had time to think about the full implications of our voices.


If you would like to comment, please email me.